We see it at many clubs, coaches moulding players to do the same activities in the same standardised way. Sessions designed to make players mould themselves to win acceptance or leave. Coaches shouting at players for not doing as they are told. Coaches who drive players to seek perfection. 

- "I have seen it too many times, players making a mistake, being shouted at or benched, feel less confident and doubt themselves so that they make more mistakes, which makes them doubt themselves more. Coaches seeing players mistakes as deliberate attempts to undermine what the coach is trying to do. All of which can make playing basketball a stressful, anxious, anger filled experience" - Coach Jon

“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.” - Jess Lair

We don't want to be like other clubs. We want to get back to the basics of personal development. We help players improve themselves, not by moulding them, but by unfolding them. 

We encourage players to unfold themselves by trying new things. To risk failure. To create, discover, and invent. To dream. To believe there is always a better version of themselves, just around the corner.

- “I feel FREE from a constant pressure of failing in the eyes of others. I can dream of doing the same moves as the NBA stars. I can have the same Mamba mentality of the NBA stars” - Lions Basketball players

Join us... it will be a laugh :) 

Our approach to performance... When we unfold ourselves, performance tends to mean that we keep finding a better version of ourselves just around the corner. We keep adapting. We keep unfolding. And at any given moment in time, we try to be the best version of ourselves. If we win a game, we win a game. If the opposition are better than the best version of ourselves, they are better than us. All sessions are open to all players of all abilities. We do stream on Mamba intensity. 

 - Mamba 3 is where coaches keep suggesting ways for all players to unfold a better version of themselves.

- Mamba 2 is where coaches will wait until a player asks for advice on how to unfold a better version of themselves. At any point a player can ask a coach to stop helping them.  

- Mamba 1 is where players practice on their own, trying new ways to unfold a better version of themselves.   

We will NOT mould a player!!!

It is conditional on having any role in our management team (all coaches, team managers, or admin people) that the person is a member of LifeSkills21.org

If any player or parent feel they are being moulded, they can complain to LifeSkills21.org 

LifeSkills21.org will investigate and if a complaint is upheld that person will be removed from LifeSkills21.org and then removed from our management team.

We will never mould a player!!!

Any questions, contact Jon.Thorne@CommunitySport.club