Lions dream rooms... being planned


"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun" - Mary Lou Cook

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward: you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future” – Steve Jobs

“Why do I dream? So that I can come back to what I know. So that I can see the place I came from with new eyes and extracolors. And the people there see me differently, too. Coming back to where I started is not the same as never leaving.” Sir Terry Pritchett

If we spend all our time following standardised ways of learning and standardised ways of working, we tend to mould ourselves to fit in. We can become perfectionists and lower our ability to adapt. Lower our mental agility. Become mentally brittle. Our perfectionism can create a downward spiral in how we think. If we make a mistake we can feel less confident and doubt ourselves so that we make more mistakes, which makes us doubt ourselves more. We may well also start to believe that anyone who refuses to be like us, refuses to “MeToo”, is deliberately trying to knock down the pillars on which we make sense of the world and we must stop them. It is often a stressful, anxious, angry life.

A good way to stop moulding ourselves is to spend time unfolding ourselves. A good way to unfold ourselves is to try new things. To risk failure. To be kind to ourselves and others as we create, discover and invent. To forgive ourselves of all our mistakes, as mistakes mean we are learning. And to be kind to others by seeing their mistakes as their own learning. To encourage ourselves and others to make mistakes. To encourage ourselves and each other to express ourselves. No blaming. To adapt to improve the balance between meeting our needs, the needs of others, with the needs of the situation we share. To make our shared situation work for everyone. To see it as an act of unkindness for us to force, manipulate, trap, coerce others to fit a mould, to be like ourselves, to do things in the same standardised way as we do.

As well as our basketball sessions we have dream workshops where players are encouraged to unfold themselves by risking failure as they dream of another world, just around the corner. Instead of technical coaches, we have agility coaches who help players adapt their habits and their choices to find their own ways to unfold themselves. 

We begin with an idea and go from there.

We are planning workshops like, creating our own ball game, as well creating our own music, lego, go-card building, cooking a meal, as well playing on-line team games. And discovery trips like tall ships sailing, living in a remote mountain hut etc