Herts basketball: mens local league


For those players who want to use competition to find new ways to unfold themselves... we enter competitive leagues.

We build teams with a shared passion to unfold ourselves as individuals as well as a team. Ego's are left at the door. 

All players have to be registered with Basketball England. Which we do. This season it costs £12 per player.

For this local league... Players pay per game they play. Away games are about £30 split across all the attending players. (Sharing the costs of paying for the referees). Home games are more. We are just coming up with a new way to fund that. We only have 2 more games this season. 

Team players are selected from those who attend, the Mamba 3 sessions.

A quick note for the elite players... Professional players can be transferred to different teams. Today rivals can be tomorrow’s team mates. Players can't really afford to define themselves in narrow terms, by only belonging to one team or one club. Or only playing one way.  To succeed as a professional, players need the ability to unfold the best version of themselves. To keep believing, to keep dreaming, there is a better version of themselves just around the corner. Just ask Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving and Giannis Antetokounmpo.