Herts summer league


*costs currently being worked out, as are we also seek sponsors, and hope to get some support from LifeSkills21.org.

Our coaches believe the best basketball teams in the world know that sustained success is based on the player's ability to adapt... their ability to find a way to win. Sustained success is based on player's mental agility.

As we drop down from the best teams in the world...  we often bump into overly serious administrators and overly serious coaches who tend to want to drag, push, discipline, even bully the most physically gifted players down performance pathways. The less gifted players are pushed out of their sport. And the players that stay often focus on moving along the pathways. Players may become overly obedient and overly submissive to their coach. Players tend to narrow their focus to avoid making mistakes and may become mentally fragile with limited ability to adapt. And as soon as a team lack physical superiority they tend to crumble and maybe give up. And when players retire or are dropped from the team they may also lack the mental agility to adapt to life without someone pushing them down a performance pathway.  

To help players and coaches in and around Herts, at all levels, develop the mental agility used by the best teams in the world... we plan to run a summer leagues.

We plan to provide all league teams with coaches, or train current coaches, to coach without using performance pathways. These coaches will be given free membership of LifeSkills21.org and who operate under the LifeSkills21.org job description.  

We aim to play all the games in a single location where all players regularly come together in a family friendly inclusive festival atmosphere.

To encourage the top players to spread out across all the teams... we will run an all star game. This is where coaches pick the best players from all the teams, often with a maximum of 2 players from any one team.  

To encourage teams to diversify their talent... as this makes it easier to learn how to adapt we may run teams that mixes top players, men and women with club players. Or teams that must have the ages of all players add up to above a certain number... to encourage teams with a big spread of ages. This helps all players learn to adapt.

Players in our summer leagues will develop the adapting mindset used by the best teams in the world.