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6.50 GBP

The only rule is to be kind to yourself and others.

Your coach Jon Thorne, will help players develop their life skills of accepting and adapting. Players will be coached to adapt their choices to improve the balance between their needs, the needs of others, and the needs of the situation the players share. Players will lift their mental agility and their ability to make choices in a resilient and agile team. All players are asked to hold their coaches to account for delivering the job description maintained by LifeSkills21.org  

Jon Thorne the coach is a home educating dad.

Weds 13th September to Weds 13th December, excluding Weds 25th October for half term.
13 weeks, charge for the term is £59, or £6.50 per week adhoc.

Termly Payments to be paid by Monday 11th September to the following bank account;
Cooperative Bank
There will be cake - sports

We do friendly competitive basketball for all abilities.

Your Lions coach is part-coach, part-psychologist as they create a supporting, playful, accepting and empathetic environment to support the development of adaptable players, adaptable people, who have life skills for the stormy 21st century.

What anchors a Lion coach is an ethos of accepting and adapting. Coaches will free players from any delusions they may have of following an "A to Z" performance pathways is the right way, or the way to avoid failure. They will help players to have power over themselves (not others) to accept themselves for who they are as individuals, accept others for who they are, accept the situation the team shares. To find the performance that matters by everyone adapting their own choices to improve the balance between meeting their own individual needs, the needs of others, and the needs the situation the team is in. To focus on creativity, awareness, resilience, decision-making and self-awareness.

There will never be a 60-0 because the teams will be swapped around before that, rules would be changed. There is a lot of inclusion.

Coaches will create a space that feels like a playground for young children where everyone is encouraged to co-create, co-discover, co-invent in ways that are kind to themselves and others. Players will be comfortable with exploration. Comfortable in knowing that a lot of good learning comes from stuff not going well. Comfortable sorting things out themselves. Comfortable trying the unexpected, the unlikely, the brazen and the daring. Coaches will aim to create "Chaos" and will throw up the unpredictable to get it. It will often be chaotic. There will be lots of laughter ...

All players and parents are asked to hold our coaches to account for delivering the job description maintained by LifeSkills21.org   

Any questions, email jon.thorne@CommunitySport.club

Any questions, contact Jon.Thorne@CommunitySport.club