Spectrum basketball


Every Wednesday during term time.
5 to 6pm
Westminster Lodge, Holywell Hill, St Albans AL1 2DL
£5 on the door.

Just turn up and play. Everyone is welcome. Yep, sibling as well. Mums and dad can stay and watch and join in. 

Our coaching is not like normal.  

We see it at many clubs, coaches moulding players to do the same activities in the same standardised way. Sessions designed to make players mould themselves to win acceptance or leave. Lions coaches get back to the basics of personal development. We help players improve themselves, not by moulding them, but by unfolding them. We encourage players to unfold themselves by trying new things. To risk failure. To create, discover, and invent. To dream. To believe there is always a better version of themselves, just around the corner. Our sessions will not be like other clubs. We are not like other coaches. Players on the autistic spectrum tend to relax straight away, as they know they don't need to fit into a mould

Any questions, email jon.thorne@CommunitySport.club

Your coaches are Jon, Josh and Arran Thorne. With lots of good players joining in to make it fun.

This is a Mamba 2 version.

  • Mamba 3 is where coaches keep suggesting ways for all players to unfold a better version of themselves.
  • Mamba 2 is where coaches will wait until a player asks for advice on how to unfold a better version of themselves. At any point a player can ask a coach to stop helping them.
  • Mamba 1 is where players practice on their own, trying new ways to unfold a better version of themselves.